Day 7 - Kerrville

I could not leave for Lost Maples because of the late night fishing. After saying goodbye to Tristan and Keegan, I went back to sleep. 

Woke up and went for a walk by the Guadalupe. 

I then decided to check out the centre of Kerrville and to treat myself at the Jack in the Box- a fast food restaurant. There were two persons at the counter- an African American woman and a Hispanic guy. Seeing me in my biking helmet they asked me if I was travelling by bike and just passing by. I said yes. I had ordered a cheeseburger and an oreo shake. They decided to throw in a portion of curly fries and upgraded my burger to a double cheeseburger for free. I got to know only when they served my order and while serving they said, "You'll need the calories!"

I started reading the book that Adam had gifted- Peter Camenzind.

While heading back to my tent at about 10pm, it became extremely windy. Had I not left my backpack and buckets inside the tent, it probably would have been blown away. I checked with the Park Host if there was a storm warning. He said, "No, but it would be cold and windy." I went to bed knowing it was going to be a miserable night.


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