Days 13-15 - Uvalde

The road to Uvalde was mostly flat. It did not take me too long to get there. Ideally, I should have biked more, but there was no town after Uvalde for almost 35 miles.

Here are a few pictures from the ride:

Frio River. Must not be a perennial one.

I thought this was a tomb on the side of the highway 83 and that it was on the side of the road because the person probably met with an accident close to this site. But I learnt later in Mexico that these are merely "roadside memorials" not burial sites.

Notice that all of them are bulls. They stopped grazing and just stared at me. A couple of black bulls on an enclosed pasture that I crossed before this one even charged at me! Thankfully, the fence was strong enough.

Seeing these vast agricultural farms I was reminded of my discussion about agriculture with a French and an Algerian whom I met while hitchhiking from Paris.

This is one of the first views of the town Uvalde. It looked like I had arrived in a developing country. Something went serioulsy wrong with the trickle down effect in this part of the United States. I was in a restraunt and overheard a man, "I went to high school here. I left the town 20 years ago. I come back, and nothing has changed in Uvalde!"

When I arrived in Uvalde, I did not have a place to stay. I could not find a host either. It was almost 5pm. I decided to check out a cheap US motel. I was hoping it would turn into some kind of a crime scene at night but the only bothersome thing was that I could hear the conversations of the people next-door. It was cheap by US standards but not within my daily budget. For a combination of factors I was left reconsidering my decision to travel by bike. The major reason was US was more expensive than Latin America and getting to El Paso was going to take longer than I had expected. I wanted to be in Mexico already.


  1. I love following your progress on Google Maps :-D Thanks for the update and pictures!

    1. Haha, I should actually figure out a way to share my route on the blog. I hope you enjoyed your hike! Keep visiting! More stories from Mexico coming up soon!