*Knock, knock*

"Who's there?"

"September 11."

"What September 11?!"

"You forgot already?!"

That's a common knock-knock joke about September 11 in the US.

In Chile, September 11 marks the anniversary of a different terrorist act. On September 11, 1973, the democratically-elected socialist government was deposed through a military coup. And then commenced Pinochet's long reign. The US orchestrated that.

Pete told me that. He invited me to stay at his place when I told him I was looking for a roof on my head for a few days. He and his girlfriend, Sarah, (and their dog, Laika) are helping me to prepare for my trip.

A bike tour changed Pete's life.

He's said to me twice already, "Your trip is going to be epic!"

I believe him.

                                   In pictures: The 9/11 Memorial


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